Dmitry Jemerov

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I'm Dmitry Jemerov, a software developer originally from St.Petersburg, Russia, now living in Munich, Germany.

I've spent most of my career working at JetBrains. I started as the lead developer of Omea, a now-defunct information management tool built with .NET. Then I moved to work on IntelliJ IDEA and IntelliJ Platform-based IDEs. Among other things, I was the original creator and lead developer of PyCharm.

I also spent a year at Google, working on Cloud Source Repositories, Cloud Debugger and other projects related to developer tooling on Google Cloud Platform.

Right now I'm working on Kotlin, a new programming language that JetBrains is building. I'm leading the team working on the IntelliJ IDEA plugin for Kotlin, as well as co-writing a book, Kotlin in Action.

Some of my personal projects include:

  • Infinity Explorer (2000), a data viewer for Infinity Engine-based games;
  • Syndirella (2003), a Windows RSS reader;
  • Structorian (2009), a flexible viewer for structured binary data;
  • (2014), a collection of chords and tabs for Russian rock music.

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Some of my interviews and conference presentations might be worth watching. Here's a few videos:

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